Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Recycling Work Clothes

[Company / organization] Kajima Corporation

From the perspective of durability and other aspects, Kajima uses polyester-cotton blend fabric for the work clothes worn by Kajima employees. Kajima also recycles work clothes just like helmets.

This recycling system was built by the Ecological Life and Culture Organization using the national permit system. Kajima has participated in this recycling system since 2010.

Work clothes collected from construction sites and the administration department are recycled into car interior materials and waterproof materials for roof backing through designated recycling factories.

At present, approximately 6,500 articles of work clothes are recycled every year.

In FY2014, our results in this area gained recognition, and we received the Award for Promoting the Creation of a Recycling Society 2015 from the Ecological Life and Culture Organization. This made us the first laureate among general contractors