Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Collection and recycling of bumpers replaced for repair

[Company / organization] TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION Kojima Sangyo Co., Ltd. Toyota Tsusho Corporation

Members and Their Roles, and Key Points for Collaboration

Toyota has collaborated with related companies to collect bumpers that were repaired or replaced due to accidents or other incidents and recycle them for reuse as resources.

Toyota Tsusho Corporation manages their recycling. Repaired and replaced bumpers are collected through branches of Toyota Mobility Parts around the country, and in some areas collected through crushers, to Kojima Sangyo, a resin compound manufacturer, to be recycled as recycled resin.

Start time (planned), etc.

Since the beginning of the 1990s, Toyota has continued its activities to the present.

Description of technologies and business models

Since automobile bumpers are also parts that are frequently repaired and replaced, Toyota has collected repaired and replaced bumpers from dealers all over Japan and reused them as materials for automotive parts again.

As for the collection and distribution, we have used the nationwide network of Toyota's genuine supply parts to support their use as recycled resin by establishing systems and structure for efficient transportation.

In addition, when repaired and replaced bumpers were used as recycled resin, the removal of coating film was the biggest problem. But we succeeded in recycling them by developing new removal technologies.

Achievements and targets

540,000 trees for the fiscal year 2020

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