Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Self-Contained Food Recycling Loop

[Company / organization] AEON Co., Ltd.DAIEI KANKYO Co.,Ltd. AEON AGRI CREATE CO.,LTD AEON RETAIL Co.,Ltd. The Daiei Inc.

Members, their roles, and reason for cooperation

We have built a food recycling loop and established a regional resource recycling model. It has been done by the following approach. (1) DAIEI KANKYO Co.,Ltd., a waste disposal company, composts food waste generated at stores of group companies such as AEON Retail Co., Ltd., The Daiei Inc. , Maxvalu Nishinihon Co., Ltd. and food processing factories of private brand products. (2) AEON AGRI CREATE CO.,LTD, a AEON group company, grows agricultural products using the compost on its own Miki Satowaki farm(3) The vegetables are sold at the stores of group companies that generate food waste.

Time started (or to be started) 

Started in 2015

Technology and business model

We have built an “AEON integrated” closed recycling loop in which food waste generated by the Group’s business activities is composted, cultivated on our own farm, and sold at stores. AEON AGRI CREATE CO.,LTD / Daiei Environment holds the “MIKI KANKYO Festival” on a regular basis locally, and many local residents participate in the place for environmental learning for them and their childre### n.

Achievements and goals

In 2020, 4476 tons of food waste was collected from group companies and 186 tons of compost was produced. Agricultural products shipped from Miki Satowaki Farm in 2020 were 289 tons.

The goal was to build a recycling loop at 10 locations nationwide by 2020, including efforts at Miki. As of February 2021, there are 289 stores in 13 locations.

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