Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Bottle to Bottle Project

[Company / organization] AEON Co., Ltd.Marubeni Corporation Marubeni Forest LinX Co.,Ltd. Marubeni Plax Corporation AEON TOPVALU CO., LTD.

Members, their roles, and reason for cooperation

・ Aeon Group companies collect PET bottles from customers at stores

・ Marubeni Forest Links Co., Ltd. * builds and operates a distribution system for collection, collection, transportation, and recycling, and Marubeni Plax Co., Ltd. builds and operates the subsequent manufacturing and supply of preforms.

・ PET bottles collected at AEON stores are closed-recycled into recycled PET resin and commercialized as TOPVALU products.

* Marubeni Pulp & Paper Sales Co., Ltd. changed its name to Marubeni Forest Links Co., Ltd.

Time started (or to be started) 

Route collection experiments have started since February 2021.

Technology and business model

Aeon has set a goal of halving the amount of disposable plastics used by 2030 and converting TOPVALU PET bottles to 100% recycled or plant-derived materials in order to realize a decarbonized and resource-recycling society. ing.

This project is a pillar of efforts to achieve that goal, and through the Marubeni Group’s wide network that can centrally manage the collection and transportation of PET bottles to commercialization, and through Aeon’s stores, products, and services, each store has been up to now. We aim to achieve a stable and sustainable resource recycling system by collecting and remanufacturing PET bottles, which we have been working on in different ways.

Achievements and goals

On March 1, 2022, we launched four items of “TOPVALU Grinai Organic Tea Beverages” that use 100% recycled resin produced from PET bottles procured through this initiative in the PET bottle body. This is expected to reduce about 350 tons of fossil-derived virgin plastic annually.

We will establish a connecting mechanism and gradually expand it nationwide.