Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy



[Company / organization] Association for Electric Home AppliancesPanasonic Corporation TOSHIBA CORPORATION Hitachi Global Life Solutions, Inc. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation SHARP CORPORATION Sony Corporation

Members, their roles, and points of cooperation

A system for the collection and recycling by manufacturers

(Panasonic, Toshiba, Hitachi GLS, Mitsubishi, Sharp, Sony, etc.) of four home appliances* handed over from retailers.

The system has been under construction and operation since April 2001.

Air conditioners, televisions, refrigerators and freezers, washing machines and clothes dryers.


Start date April 2001 3.

Description of technology and business model

<Business model>

In addition to manufacturers, etc., dischargers, retailers, national and local governments play certain roles in the operation, such as "cost sharing,"

"proper delivery," "proper treatment," and "awareness-raising.

<Efforts by manufacturers, etc.>

In addition to manual dismantling, recycling factories are trying to improve

the recycling rate through prompt and careful processing using a combination of machinery and equipment such as advanced sorting equipment for plastics and metals, unloading robots, and dismantling support machines.

The company supports environmentally conscious design by manufacturers, etc., by interviewing requests from recycling factories and preparing guidelines and reports.

The above case studies are shared in the annual report as "Latest Recycling Technologies" and "Design for Environment (DfE) Initiatives", and are used as benchmark cases for further improvement of efficiency and sophistication.


Number of units taken in:

8,549,000 units (2001) → 14,772,000 units (2019)

Recycling (material recycling) weight:

211,000 tons (2001) → 519,000 tons (2019)

Recycling rate: Air conditioners

78% (2001) → 92% (2019),

flat-screen TVs 74% (2009) → 85% (2019)

CRT TVs 73% (2001) → 71% (2019),

refrigerators 59% (2001) → 80% (2019)

Washing machines 56% (2001) → 91% (2019)

Promotion of DfE (Design for Environment)

Promotion of DfE (Design for Environment): (Examples of improvements) "Display of recycling marks on materials", "Use of recycled resources

Reduction of screw usage, etc.

(Preparation of guidelines) "Home Appliance Product Assessment Manual

URLs introducing the initiatives

(Annual report)