Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


“LinkBuds” truly wireless headphones with high recycled plastic content and environmentally conscious packaging

[Company / organization] Sony Group Corporation

Starting period

Feb 2022​

Description of technology and business model

We have developed a high-quality recycled plastic with high recycled material ratio and have adopted this recycled plastic in several parts of the headphone body as well as for the charging case (*1). The percentage of recycled material used in the recycled plastic varies by color but is over approximately 85% for each color. In addition, no plastic is used in the individual packaging (*2), making it an environmentally conscious packaging.

*1 Recycled materials used in products are subject to change.

*2 The scope of zero plastic individual packages includes individual cartons, packaging materials on and inside individual cartons. Materials used for coating and adhesion are excluded.