Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Polyester type mono-material labelstocks "MMP50CA BP401 8SK"

[Company / organization] LINTEC Corporation

Time started (or to be started)

November 30, 2022

Technology and business model

Containers made of various material like PET, PP and PE are used around us, these are attached self-adhesive label reflected the image of the product. For general self-adhesive label, acrylic type or rubber type adhesive that are different material from containers is used. Self-adhesive label is printed by acrylic type or urethane type ink that is also different material from containers as well. Considering recycle of containers made of PET, PP and PE, contamination of these general self-adhesive label causes degradation of recyclability. Because of that, self-adhesive label is commonly peeled off and throw away from used containers. However, there are label residues in actual and it causes degradation of recyclability. Toward these problems, we suggest polyester type mono-material labelstocks “MMP50CA BP401 8SK,” assuming application to PET containers. This product is combined polyester type adhesive as same as PET containers with special coating removable printing ink by alkaline cleaning. This product prevents degradation of recyclability if self-adhesive label residues are contaminated, and contributes to improve recycling efficiency of PET.

Achievements and goals

We assume “MMP50CA BP401 8SK” is used for only clear use and collection course firstly because judging material of self-adhesive labels are difficult in the scene of consumption and recycling.

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