Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Promoting Reuse together with the DIY store, local government, and residents

[Company / organization] ECOMMIT Co.,Ltd. Saitama City CAINZ CORPORATION

Members, their roles, and reason for cooperation

In order to promote the local recycling-oriented society, Saitama City has held a slogan, “We work together and participate to create a recycling-oriented city Saitama)'', while CAINZ held “Let's all DIY the lives of the town (Kumimachi Plan)''.

To realize these goals, Saitama City, Cainz, and ECOMMIT will collaborate to carry out a demonstration project to promote especially reuse within resource circulation.

ECOMMIT will sort and redistribute the clothes collected at Cainz stores.

ECOMMIT would support these goals by planning and considering resource circulation and reuse using stores to achieve “a society where nothing is thrown away”.

Time started (or to be started)

March 25, 2023

Technology and business model

We held a free collection event to collect unnecessary items from consumers using the Cainz store. We plan and consider ways to promote resource circulation and reuse.

Achievements and goals

In about half a day, 1,268 kg of unnecessary items were collected, and as a result of our sorting, approximately 90% were recirculated as reused items. In terms of advertisement, with the support of Saitama City and CAINZ, 62 residents brought in unnecessary items.

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