Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


"HT-S400" soundbar using recycled plastic that pursues acoustic performance, flame retardance, and color stability.

[Company / organization] Sony Group Corporation

Starting period

June 2022​

Description of technology and business model

Acoustic performance: We have been developing recycled plastics for many years to ensure that the acoustic performance quality of products made from recycled plastics meets Sony's high sound quality standards comparable to that of virgin plastics. The composition of the recycled plastic used in the HT-S400 was perfected after sound quality evaluations of various materials.

Furthermore, when introducing the material into the product, the target sound quality is achieved by devising the acoustics and structure of the components.

High flame retardance: The materials used in the components of electrical products must be flame retardant from the safety standpoint. The newly developed recycled plastic offers high flame retardance and is used for the back panel of the subwoofer of the HT-S400, which requires to be flame-retardant.

Color stability: Stabilizing the color tone of the recycled plastic is very difficult, and we have been developing recycled plastic to reproduce a uniform color on the product. As a result, this newly developed recycled plastic has achieved a beautiful appearance without compromising the quality and performance on the product, and at the same time, it has made us possible to develop new products with a wide range of color variations.