Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Recycling Vinyl Window Dark-Colored Frame Material—Recycling into Raw Material for Resin Frame Material—

[Company / organization] YKK AP Inc.

Time started (or to be started)

We have already recycled scrap materials (polyvinyl chloride: PVC) generated in-house during vinyl window manufacturing into raw materials for vinyl windows, and started applying a new recycling method to products for shipment in September 2022.

Technology and business model

Vinyl window frames or stiles are manufactured by cutting long, thin vinyl chloride resin profiles into a specified length.

This cutting process generates scrap materials. They are recycled into raw materials for parts most suitable to their color shades.

To further reuse dark-colored recycled materials and reduce the volume of new raw materials, we have developed vinyl profiles by mixing new and recycled materials and started offering products made from the profiles.

We will continue to develop technology to recycle vinyl profile scrap materials as much as possible to expand the scope of use of recycled materials.

Achievements and goals

In FY2022, we started using the new compound vinyl profiles for the frames of APW330 with the operator handle specification.

With more production lines, we will expand the scope of use of the profiles to other vinyl window products in the future.

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