Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


PASSTO, an all-in-one service of collection, sorting, and redistribution of unnecessary items to realize a circular economy.

[Company / organization] ECOMMIT Co.,Ltd.

Members, their roles, and reason for cooperation

We have been working on redistributing unnecessary items for over 15 years. However, the biggest challenge we face is the infrastructure for recycling does not exist close to consumers while the infrastructure for discarding items is close to our daily lives.

In order to solve this problem, we have developed an original brand called “PASSTO” that handles collection, sorting, and redistribution of unnecessary items all at once.

Time started (or to be started)

April 20, 2023

Technology and business model

Until now, we have provided a service to collect unnecessary items with boxes, but the collection centers were mainly apparel stores, and the items collected were limited to clothing.

PASSTO provides services by taking advantage of our company's strength. We collect a wide variety of items (123 items in 10 categories can be reused and recycled) nationwide. Unnecessary items placed in PASSTO boxes will be collected, sorted, and redistributed responsibly through the ECOMMIT network.

Achievements and goals

By 2026, we aim to collect approximately 50,000 tons of textile products, which is 10% of all discarded clothing in Japan. We take the initiative to establish and expand a circular economy in Japan.

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