Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Eliminate Polystyrene Foam Packaging for Large TVs Using enviromentally concious biodegradable biopolymer

[Company / organization] Sony Group Corporation

Starting period: Apr. 2024


Sony has been transitioning from plastic packaging to paper packaging for small products. For larger and heavier products like TVs, polystyrene foam has remained the primary cushioning material due to it robust resistance during transportation.

Now, Sony has started to transition from polystyrene foam to Kaneka Green Planet, a biomass-derived biodegradable biopolymer made by Kaneka Corporation.

This material is derived from biomass and contributes to the reduction of petroleum-based plastics. And this material has biodegradability in a variety of environments, decomposing and returning to CO2 and water not only in soil but also in seawater, thereby contributing to solving the problem of environmental pollution caused by plastic.

To implement, Sony optimized the mold structure and cushioning design to align with this new material which differs from polystyrene. This adjustment maintains the necessary impact resistance and productivity.