Japan Partnership for Circular Economy

Japan Partnership for Circular Economy


Realization of a recycling-oriented society through solar power generation

[Company / organization] Niimi Solar Company

Time started (or to be started)

March 2023

Technology and business model

Currently, various technologies are being used to recycle solar panels, but our "Solar Panel Pyrolysis Plant using Sakumoto’s Method" is the only technology in the world that can decompose organic matter without emitting carbon dioxide and extract high-purity materials from solar panels.

By 2050, the solar panel disposal market is expected to be worth approximately 4 trillion yen(29.3billion USD as of July 2022).

In this market, we will conduct a recycling business of solar panel materials using the "Solar Panel Pyrolysis Plant using Sakumoto’s Method". In addition, we aim to realize a city concept "Reborn Park" that realizes a "Recycling-Oriented Society" by selling the materials, manufacturing recycled solar panels, and selling the solar panels.

Achievements and goals

The equipment will be sold or leased to all prefectures. Three companies have already decided to install the equipment. "Reborn Park" will first be established in two locations throughout Japan. One of the candidate locations is Okayama Prefecture, where our company's headquarters is located.

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